Here is a list of some artistic or technical projects.
It contains performances, installations, artistic software, compositions etc.

Started in Titlesort icon Short Description
2005 2819 - 2 rooms

performance for electronically adapted accordion and computer

2006 2819-1

composition for electronically adapted accordion, computer and live-video

2002 2klar

composition for clarinet and electronic

2004 ATT - acoustical table tennis

performance/audio-visual-installation for 12 loudspeakers, one table tennis ball, a pipe, a video projector and a computer

2005 blind date

collaborative audio and video live coding performance

2008 echo noise

audio/video performance

2004 frühling, sommer, winter

4 compositions for the automatic piano by Winfried Ritsch

2004 GenGran

real-time improvisation environment for a genetic algorithm, a performer and 2-24 speakers

2005 mein Graz

audio, video and text installation at the Kunsthaus Graz

2005 ncc05

live remix-machine of the webradio with visuals

2005 NNie

neural net improvisation environment - an instrument for improvised music

2005 nogo0.1

live-composition for a computer and a concert

2005 nogo0.2

audio/video performance for a computer and a concert

2004 notabs

realtime collective algorithmic composition/improvisation

2005 PDradio

interactive internet radio station with an automatic radio-moderator for the PD-community

2008 ping pong RjDj scene

an acoustical game for mobile phones

2001 quietsch

electronic composition

2006 räudig

a radio play in german (Hörspiel)

2007 rec.wie.m

server processed improvisation by pd~graz collective

2004 stateX5.5

computer generated composition for baritone sax, cello, double bass, percussion, laptop, a conductor, 12 speakers spread over the room, live-electronic and an audience

2003 streicherMODUL3

computer generated composition for 2 violins, a viola and a cello

2009 the champions

2 boxers and a referee create, modify and destroy audio software by - boxing

2007 the electronic unicorn

audio performance with the unicorn interface

2001 zungo

performance for five players spread over the room