Georg Holzmann
Project Description: 

nogo0.2 is a performance for the end of a concert.
During a whole concert 30-40 random audio and video samples of all the other performances and pauses are recorded in a regular interval. In nogo0.2 these recorded videos and sounds are now recycled, condensed and removed from their linear temporal context.


In nogo0.2 a lot of the previous performances are processed at the same time. Instead of the succession the simultaneity is the most important idea.
Because of that compression there exist many possible focus in the audio and video stream. You can pay your attention to many parts of the dense sound or "zoom" into different areas of the flickering video, so it's possible to hear and see your "own" composition out of it.

The performance consists of 6 independent states. In every state different parts of the concert with different condensations are playing together.
So not-narrating because of too much or too few happenings, because of the simultaneity of temporal separated parts.

The sound and video materials of nogo0.2 are recorded in the perspective of the audience.
With a hidden camera and two microphones I zoom into the audience (the visitors don't know that they are filmed), which somehow also reflects the perception of them (see picture above).

technical realization

nogo0.2 is realized with one Linux computer, 2 microphones and a camcorder.
For audio and video processing I use the open source software PD (Pure Data) with GEM and PDP and wrote some extensions in C++.


duration of the performance: ca. 12 minutes

Public Presentations and Performances: 
nogo0.2 @ Minoriten Graz
Public Presentations and Performances: 
nogo0.2 @ piksel05
Public Presentations and Performances: 
nogo0.2 @ pixxelpoint Nova Goricia