List of open source software projects.
Most are related to audio/video processing or machine learning.

Started in Title Short Description Programming language
2008 powEEErsave

pyqt4 GUI to control various settings to save power on the Asus EEE-PC

2007 aureservoir

C++ library with python bindings for reservoir computing neural networks (echo state networks)

C++, Python
2007 numpy2carray

a python/numpy to C array converter for SWIG

C, SWIG, Python
2007 VideoIO

general video IO framework for Pure Data

C, C++
2007 IAEMStream

An RTSP on-demand streaming server product for plone, using the Helix DNA Server

2006 audioeditor

a C++ multitrack audioeditor

2005 sndfiler

a threaded soundfiler for PD using libsndfile and libvorbisfile

2005 threadlib

C and PD library for threaded patching and threaded PD externals

C, Pd
2005 adaptive

PD-external library and patches for adaptive systems and filters

C, Pd
2005 pix to pdp bridge

conversion object between GEM and PDP

C, C++
2005 TheBrain

TheBrain is a small C++ library for artificial neural nets

2004 PDContainer

datastructures from the C++ STL for Pure Data

2004 holzilib

collection of useful pure data abstractions

2004 GApop

a genetic algorithm external for Pd and MAX/MSP