New project: auphonic

Currently I am working on the auphonic project, which involves machine learning, audio signal processing, web development, open-source technologies and much more.

So don't expect many updates on my page, I will write about new things on the auphonic blog. You can subscribe to the auphonic feed or follow @auphonic on twitter.

Pure Data workshop at the Metalab

29. January 2011 - 30. January 2011
Event Description: 

Two days, free Pure Data workshop at the Metalab ( in Vienna !

See the workshop WIKI page for further information: !

Android 2.2 on an old HTC Magic (32B)

Because of the bad weather I tried to update my old HTC Magic phone to the new Android 2.2 today: I wanted to have the latest and greatest Android features Wink. However, some tweaks were necessary to get a real nice performance. One has to go through long forum posts to optimize the system etc., therefore here is a short summary. (These tips might be also helpful on other old phones, like the G1)
But it's worth the hassle: now the HTC Magic feels like an expensive, recent Desire phone !

Installing the system

How to become a Pure Data / GEM Professional

These are materials from a lecture about realtime audio and video programming (using GEM and Pure Data) at the University of Applied Science, FH Joanneum, for the master programme Media and Interaction Design.

Lecture: Audio/Video Programming with Pure Data

17. June 2010 - 21. June 2010
Event Description: 

I will give a lecture for realtime video programming (using GEM and Pure Data) at the University of Applied Science, FH Joanneum, for the master programme Media and Interaction Design.
The materials are online at How to become a Pure Data / GEM professional.

Chaos Communication Congress in Eibiswald

Der Chaos Communication Congress 26C3 ist ein mehrtägiges Treffen der internationalen Hackerszene, organisiert vom Chaos Computer Club. Der Kongress findet heuer vom 27. bis 30. Dezember in Berlin statt und widmet sich in zahlreichen Vorträgen und Workshops technischen und gesellschaftspolitischen Themen.

Tethering Script for Android Phones and Gnome

Update: If you want to use _real_ tethering (without proxy), install CyanogenMod - a tutorial is in the Wiki !

Just a small shell script to get an internet connection on a standard gnome desktop (e.g. Ubuntu) via a proxy on an android phone (no root access needed!).

champions @ Piksel Festival Bergen

19. November 2009 - 22. November 2009
Event Description: 

In our tour with the champions (Georg Holzmann (champion), Michi Pinter(champion), IOhannes m zmölnig (champion)) we will make the next stop at the Piksel Festival in Bergen.

Hope to see you there !

Advanced Psychoacoustics 2: Silent Subliminals

Do you want to influence a humans behavior ?
Or maybe induce some thoughts in the brain of all people listening to a specific radio channel ?
Then you found the right blog entry, which will present you a Pure Data program to change the attitude of your desired audience ... Wink

Echo State Networks with Filter Neurons and a Delay&Sum Readout

Georg Holzmann
Helmut Hauser
Journal paper

Neural Networks


Echo state networks (ESNs) are a novel approach to recurrent neural network training with the advantage of a very simple and linear learning algorithm. It has been demonstrated that ESNs outperform other methods on a number of benchmark tasks. Although the approach is appealing, there are still some inherent limitations in the original formulation.

Here we suggest two enhancements of this network model.
First, the previously proposed idea of filters in neurons is extended to arbitrary infinite impulse response (IIR) filter neurons. This enables such networks to learn multiple attractors and signals at different timescales, which is especially important for modeling real-world time series.
Second, a delay&sum readout is introduced, which adds trainable delays in the synaptic connections of output neurons and therefore vastly improves the memory capacity of echo state networks.

It is shown in commonly used benchmark tasks and real-world examples, that this new structure is able to significantly outperform standard ESNs and other state-of-the-art models for nonlinear dynamical system modeling.

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