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Thomas Holzmann
Georg Holzmann
GNU General Public License (GPL)
Programming language: 
C, C++

This framework should provide a general video input and output system (reading/writing various files and from/to devices) for Pure Data. The interface is platform independent and the needed libraries are checked and loaded at runtime, so the host application (e.g. Gem, Gridflow, PDP) has no compile time dependency on all those video libraries.

At the moment only the interface to Gem is implemented and consists of the following objects: pix_file_read, pix_file_write and pix_devic_read. They use the gstreamer plugins for all these opterations, but alternative libraries, especially on Windows and OSX, should be added in future.

What they can do ATM:

  • pix_file_read: reading audio and video from all formats gstreamer supports (quite a lot), reading from dvd, http, mms, udp streams, ...
  • pix_file_write: writes in some codecs to disk, also streams over udp
  • pix_device_read: can read from camera and DV devices

This project was part of the Google Summer of Code program 2007.
The latest source can be downloaded from the SVN repository, an other (maybe outdated) version can be found in the download section below.

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