the champions

IOhannes Zmölnig
Michael Pinter
Georg Holzmann
Project Description: 
He boxed regularly and was strong and very brave and always a perfect gentleman.

The champions is a physical live coding performance: 2 boxers and a referee create, modify and destroy a Pure Data patch by - boxing.

Two boxers and a referee try to program audio software by physical interactions.
The hand movements of both players are tracked with accelerometers (4 Wii controllers) and used for creating, destroying and making new connections between sound objects in a Pure Data patch - similar to the blind date performance.
At the end of the day one will see, how it works.

Download high-quality long version here: champions.ogg (ogg theora, 236 MB).

The champions:

  • IOhannes m zmölnig (white)
  • Michael Pinter (red)
  • Georg Holzmann (referee)

A very detailed description of the project in German is available here: champions at vnm09 .

Public Presentations and Performances: 
champions @ Pd convention Brazil
Public Presentations and Performances: 
champions @ Piksel Festival Bergen
Public Presentations and Performances: 
champions @ V:NM Festival