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Matrix Library Benchmark Follow-Up

It seems that many people start using the flens C++ matrix library for scientific computation because of my Sparse Matrix Library Benchmark article. This blog post should be a small add on and discusses possible difficulties with flens.

UPDATE: flens changed very much in 2012 - see comment #3 by Michael Lehn! Now it is also header only like Eigen, so everything which is written here should be re-evaluated!

Problems with flens

Sparse Matrix Library Benchmark

Georg Holzmann
Technical report

Internet Publication


Important: please also look at the Matrix Library Benchmark Follow-Up !

This report presents benchmarks of C++ scientific computing libraries for small and medium size sparse matrices.

Be warned: these benchmarks are very specialized on a neural network like algorithm I had to implement. However, also the initialization time of sparse matrices and a matrix-vector multiplication was measured, which might be of general interest.

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