ping pong RjDj scene

Georg Holzmann
Project Description: 

RjDj is an audio application based on Pure Data for music players like iPhone and iPod Touch to create "mind blowing hearing sensations".
RjDj connects the music you hear with the world around you, which causes very rich acoustical experiences. The music you hear is created in the very moment you are listening to it.
For more infos about RjDj see for instance RjDj intro and www.rjdj.me.

At the RjDj sprints in Barcelona and Berlin I produced a scene called Ping pong:

Ping Pong is a small game. Listen from which direction (left or right) the balls are coming and return them by moving your device. Each game is played up to 8 points and if you win, you will get to the next level with extra crazy sound effects. Try to reach and win level 4, then you will experience a fancy surprise.

The complete scene can be downloaded below. On how to upload the scene to the iPhone or iPod, consider for instance this tutorial.

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