pd~graz collective
Project Description: 

rec.wie.m is a collaborative improvisation performed by the pd~graz collective (see below for a free record).

The individual players are not limited by conceptual constraints, with the noteable exception of using only free libre open source software (due to the nature of the pd~graz collective this software is pure-data).

Their audio outputs are connected to a central sound server that does an autonomous processing of the input streams and a final remix that is then thrown towards the audience. The audience is free to throw back whatever comes in their hands.

By using low-latency network streaming technologies, dislocated players can participate in the performance without the risk of being injured by rotten eggs, however, at the cost of a reduced amount of fun.

Public Presentations and Performances: 
rec.wie.m @ linux audio conference 08
Public Presentations and Performances: 
rec.wie.m @ ncc07
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