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The city of Graz was splitted into 4 social rooms (see picture below).
The composers of the installation are the people of Graz, who can send SMS, MMS and voice mails via their mobile phones to our database.
Inside the installation, the data gets compressed and processed on 4 projections for pictures (MMS) and text (SMS) and 4 speakers for the audio (voice mails) according to the social rooms and time they arrived.
It's also possible to interact with the installation: with calling a specific number all the entries of that specific phone number will be displayed.
During the whole exhibition time the installation is getting more and more dense, because of the increasing number of messages in the database.

mein Graz clustersmein Graz clusters

technical realization

The installation was realized with 3 computers: 1 for the MySQL and webserver, 2 managed the 4 projections (2 nvidia dualhead cards)
For the installation we used the open source software PD/Gem (Pure Data) on a debian linux system and wrote some stuff in C++ and python.


The exhibition run the whole october 2005 at the Kunsthaus Graz and was realized within steirische herbst 2005.

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